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Patrick Mateescu

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary American Sculptor
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Sculptor Patrick Mateescu
Patrick Mateescu

About Patrick Mateescu

His work is electic and unpredictable, going from small and large scale cast porcelain to unique stoneware figurative monuments in Romania and to the recent abstract-animist composition.
Sculptor Patrick Mateescu
Patrick Mateescu

Exhibition History of Patrick Mateescu

Solo Exhibitions

2007 - New Jersey Arts Annual Exhibition, Noyes
Museum, Oceanville, NJ
2003 - Fourth Biennial North American Clay Exhibition
at Guilford Handcraft Center, Guilford CT
2002 - International Group Show at New Jersey Center
for Visual Arts, Summit, NJ
2001 - One man show at the Long Beach Island
Foundation of the Arts, Love Ladies, NJ
1996 - Robert Martin Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, New
1995 - Museum of Art, Constantza, Romania
1994 - Armerican Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania
1993 - Romanian Cultural Center, New York
1989 - Anne Reid Gallery, Princeton, New Jersey
1985 - Northridge University, Northridge, California
1983 - Downey Museum of Art, Downey, California
1980 - James West Alumni Center, UCLA, Los Angeles,
1979 - Venice Ceramic Gallery, Venice, California
1978 - Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Grafisches Kabinett Gallery, Saarbrucken,
1977 - Bergsma Gallery, Grand Rapids, Michigan
County of Los Angeles Veterans Memorial Park
Cultural Center, Los Angeles
McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas,
1976 - Laurina Gallery, The Hague, Holland
1973 - Stebler Gallery, Geneve, Switzerland
1972 - Regarde 17 Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
1971 - Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1970 - Feria Monografica, Valencia, Spain

Group Exhibitions

2001 - Group Show at the Long Beach Island Foundation
of the Arts, Love Ladies, NJ
2001 - Group show at the Ground for Sculpture,
Hamilton, NJ
2000 - Group exhibition at The Clay Studio,
Philadelphia, PA
1992 - Contemporary East European Ceramics, Clay Studio
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1991 - New Jersey Sculpture Association, Grace Building
New York
1987 - Monmouth County Museum, Marlboro, New Jersey
1982 - Scipps College, Claremont, California
1981 - Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
1978 - Internaitonal Ceramic Exhibition, Faenza, Italy
1975 - Romanian Artists, Athens, Greece
1972 - The Third Biennial of Ceramics, Vallauris,
1972 - Romanian Artists, London, Tokyo, Faenza
1970 - The Second Biennial of Ceramics, Vallauris,
1969 - International Exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany
1968 - The Triennial of Decorative Arts, Milan, Italy
1965 - International Ceramic Exhibition, Faenza, Italy
1962 - International Ceramic Exhibition, Prague.

Patrick Mateescu

Biography / CV of Patrick Mateescu

Patrick entered the academy of Fine Arts in Bucarest in 1946 and, until 1950, he studied sculpture under Cornel Medrea.

He received a MFA in 1970. He made his first sculpture in high school in Ploiesti, encouraged by his adoptive father.

After the death of his first wife, he immigrated to California in 1979, and in 1985 moved, with his new wife, to New Jersey where he has a house with a sculpture garden and a studio.

When he started his career in Romania, he transformed ceramics into a major art, influencing a whole generation of artists.

His work is eclectic and unpredictable, going from small and large scale cast porcelain to unique stoneware figurative monuments in Romania and to the recent abstract-animist compositions.

He has received numerous honors and awards, he worked, as artist in residence, at different prestigious places, and at international ceramic symposiums.

His work is in important collections and museums.

Patrick Mateescu

Awards and Prizes of Patrick Mateescu

2000 - The order of M. Eminescu from the Romanian
Government for outstanding contribution to the
Romania culture
1999 - Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council of
the Arts
1978 - Gold Medal, The 36th International Ceramic
Show, Faenza, Italy
1972 - Diplome d`Honneur, The Third Biennial of
Ceramics, Vallauris, France
1967 - The Henry Reynaud price at the International
Exhibition of Ceramics, Istanbul, Turkey
1966 - Gold Medal, Form und Qualitat, Munchen, Germany
1965 - Prize of the Union of Fine Arts of Romania,
Bucharest, Romania
1962 - Gold Medal, International Ceramic Exhibition,
Prague, Czechoslovakia.


2005 - International Ceramic Symposium, Volos, Greece
2000 - Ceramic Symposium Bechyne Check Republic
installation of "Love Flower", Toscana, Italy
1973 - International Ceramic Symposiums, Memphis,
1971 - International Ceramic Symposium, Bassano Del
Grappa, Italy, Megidia, Romania
1970 - International Symposium "De Arte Actual",
Madrid, Spain
1969 - Ceramics in Architecture Symposium, Cava Dei
Tireni, Italy
1967 - International Ceramic Symposium, Gmunden,
Austria, Istanbul, Turkey
1966 - Group Show, Munchen, Germany; International
Symposium, Bechine, Czechoslovakia.

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Patrick Mateescu

Permanent Collections

Musees Royaux d`Arts et d`Histoire, Bruxellex, Belguim
Musee de l`Ariana, Geneve, Switzerland
Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague
Museum of Contemporary Arts, Glatzi, Romania
National Theater, Bucharest, Romania
Cultural Center, Buzanu, Romania
Museum of Art, Constantza, Romania.

Reviews of work by Patrick Mateescu

Anne-Marie Marien Dugardin, Ceramics: Art and Perception 2003 No 50
Susan Peterson, The Craft and Artof Clay, Prentice Hall, 1992
Leon Nigrosh, Sculting Clay, Davis Publication 1991
Hildegard Storr Britz, Ornamente and Oberflache in Keramik, Hamburg, 1997
Eilenn Lowenstein, Emmanuel Cooper, New Ceramics, London 1974
Polly Rothemberg, The Complete Book of Ceramic Art, Crown Publishers 1972
Neaga Graur, Patriciu Mateescu, Monografie, Meridiane 1970
Rose Slivka, The Crafts of the Modern World, New York, 1968
Karel Hettes, Pravoslav Rada, Modern Keramik, Prague 1965.

Public Works of Patrick Mateescu

Out-Door Monumental Work

2010 - Twisted Ribbon, 4m high, stoneware sculpture
was accepted by "The Sculpture Foundation Inc,
to be installed next year
2005 - Permanent installation of Haiko No 5 Grounds
for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ
2003 - Permanent installation of a polyester and
fiberglass modular sculpture (Westminster
Flower) on the campus of Westminster Choir
College, Princeton, NJ
2002 - Permanent installation of 5 large sculptures
(Heavenly Hands) on the campus of California
States University, Northridge, CA
Permanent installation of 5 large sculptures
on the campus of Skidmore College, Saratoga
Springs, NY
1998 - "New Romania" 5.6m high glased stoneware,
Snagov Monastery, Bucharest, Romania
1997 - "Prayer of rRomania" 4.5m high, glazed
stoneware, Blaj, Romania
1996 - "Danubia" 6.5m high, glased stoneware, Orsova,
1995 - "Eminescu" 10m high, concrete and glased
stoneware, Mangalia, Romania
1985 - "Love Flower 2" 2m high, polyester, Northridge
University, CA
1980 - "Love Flower 1" 4m high, polyester, UCLA Los
1978 - "Carpethian Flower" 2m high, glased porcelain,
Cedar Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles
1972 - "Fountain" 6m wide, polyester, Tg Mures, Romania
1971 - "Eart Power" 7m wide, stoneware, Megidia,
1965 - Two large murals, 10 x 2m, 10 x 1m, stoneware,
Galatzi, Romania
1962 - "Ballerinas", 4 x 3 x 2m, glased stoneware,
Galatzi, Romania.

Qualifications / Education of Patrick Mateescu

Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania.

Teaching Experience

2002 - June; Artist in residence at Northridge
Unversity, Northride CA
2000 - Artist in residence at the Long Beach Island
Foundation of the Arts, Love Ladies, NJ.

Price Range of Work

Patrick Mateescu's work has a price range from £292 to £3,750

Mediums utilised

Patrick Mateescu's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Patrick Mateescu's work is found in the following categories on site:
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine (5)
Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes (3)
Abstract Modern Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines statuary (3)
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary (3)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (3)
Round Disk, Dish, Flat Circular Ring Shaped Sculptures / Statues statuette statuary (2)
Small / Little Abstract Contemporary Sculptures / Statues (2)
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary (2)
Colourful Polychrome Sculpture Multi-Coloured Statues statuettes statuary (2)
Love / Affection Sculpture
Human Form: Abstract Sculptures
Objects of desire Sculptures
Organic / Abstract Sculpture
Flower sculpture statue
Abstract Plants Fruits Trees Leaves Flowers Statues Sculptures
Spiral Twisted sculpture / statue / carving
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture
Friendship Friends chummyness Amicability Camaraderie Cordility Kindred Spirit
Column Pillar Columnar Stele sculpture statue statuary
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures
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"All my life as an artist I have asked myself: What pushes me continually to make sculpture? I have found the answer. art is an action against death. It is a denial of death. "
Jacques Lipchitz
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